Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump, fintech win big among top 10 financial terms of 2016

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Each new year brings a slew of new Top 10 lists, from best songs and worst breakups to the top words and terms in the prior 12 months. So what new or newly popular phrases were on investors' lips in 2016? Finance news and education site Investopedia released its list of the top 10 financial terms of last year — and President-elect Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, and tech lingo both had a big impact.
"Trump's legacy is yet to be determined, but his impact on investing and economic policy is unmistakable," said Caleb Silver, editor in chief at Investopedia. "Throughout 2016, users have flocked to terms related to Donald Trump and some of his proposed policies.
"This year's list of terms is a window into the topics that will drive investment strategies in 2017."

According to Investopedia, the Top 10 terms of 2016 were:
10. Calexit
8. Trumpflation
7. Black swan
6. Interest rates
5. Fintech
4. Peer-to-peer lending
3. Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Bill

2. Blockchain
1. Trumponomics.


How safe is online shopping?

How safe is online shopping? 

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My mother is paranoid. The idea of using her credit card to shop online fills her with dread. And she has good reason. A few months ago, she got a call from her credit card company asking whether she had recently used her card to purchase two round trips to Miami?!
She had not!
She was a victim of credit card fraud. In fact, 31.8 million Americans had a similar experience in 2014 – that’s three times the number in 2013. Very likely, this has already happened to you or someone you know.

Is it safe to shop online?

First, the bad news. Credit card fraud has become epidemic in the internet age. But it’s not just about hacking – it’s also about distribution: trading and selling stolen credit card information has become easier than ever.

How your credit card get stolen

  • Skimming
  • Phishing
  • SpyWare/Malware
  • Data Breaches/Hacking
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Don't you ever think this cannot be replicated in Nigeria. In fact it is anywhere in the world. Technology is global.