Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How To Send Money Abroad, Without Exchanging for Hard Currency

A lot of families are finding it really hard to send funds to their relatives and business partners abroad. No thanks to the economic recession that Nigeria as a country is passing through. Government policy through CBN directives is ensuring that hard currency is not enjoying exuberant ovation in the nation's financial system.
In this article, I will give the 3-steps guideline on how to go about sending your fund within few hours (all the processes and funds transfer), you can always use the process afterwards.

  • - You transfer your money from Naira to any currency of your choice
  • - You send money to any currency in any part of the world.
  • - You transfer funds to your domiciliary account with ease.
  • - You don't need a BDC
  • - You don't need a Dollar/Euro/Yen or whatever currency
  • - You don't need a bank
  • - You don't have to leave your house or wherever you are right now
  • - You don't really need anybody else because everything is online and you do it all by yourself
  • - I am only giving you the tips on how to go about it
- Now you can be at peace with reaching out to your children/siblings/friends abroad.
Let's get down to business
You should be getting familiar with online and electronic currencies now if you are not already. Everything you can think of is getting taken over or having a technological equivalent, even getting the job done better. In the word of online transactions, electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Payeer, Skrill and a host of others are widely accepted legal tenders. Of the myriads of e-currencies available, bitcoin is the most popular and has gained mainstream acceptance as a currency and is used in payment system in select countries and many major companies PayPal, Microsoft,  Dell, Neweg.

Contributing more to the popularity of these currencies is the fact that they can be flexibly converted from one currency to the other, by online payment pre-processors. Also, making fees paid during transactions with them are relatively cheaper.

This is how it goes in three steps:
1. Register at localbitcoins for a bitcoin wallet and address. then buy the equivalent of the amount of money you want to send in Bitcoin from the sellers (could be on the site or elsewhere).

2. Register and validate your account on Payza. Transfer the money from your bitcoin wallet to your Payza account.

3. From Payza account you can transfer to any bank account in any currency of your choice in any country in the world. You may have to pay a minor processing fee during transactions.

Yes, it is as simple as this.


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