Wednesday, September 21, 2016

QuickCheck, Nigeria

QuickCheck is a modern lending platform for individuals and small businesses. QuickCheck uses mobile technology to enable individuals and small businesses gain access to financial credit. 

This platform is so simple and straight to the point, so also is their elegant loan app. These guys love business and will undoubtedly make you smile with sheer professionalism. Their service is a very similar to what PayLater Nigeria offers, another impressive credit facility.


Service type: Credit / Loan Lending, Financial Services
Company: QuickCheck, backed by Seedstars and other investors
Loan Range: Up to N30,000

Requirements: Facebook Account | No collateral
Percentage: 1% daily
Loan Tenor: 30 days
Availability: Nationwide
Other Products/Services: -
Customer care: -
E-mail & Web: support@quickcheckng ;  
Social Media: Facebook ;   Twitter

...From the Company
We help Nigerians access quick loans, anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of their mobile device.


Download the QuickCheck App


Login using your Facebook account


Enter your loan amount

Submit Your Application

After submission, loans are conveniently sent to your account in less than 24 hours

Receive Larger Loans

Repaying your loans on time helps you build your credit score to unlock larger loans
Please make sure you consult your advisor or get through to the customer care unit of whatever company that interest you for proper guidance. These information might change at any instant by the sole descretion of the company .
FAQs on the companies's webpages are usually very rich, avail yourself to them.


  1. Good afternoon. Please can you remove my number from this site. I'm not associated with Quickcheck and I am not their customer care agent. Thank you.

  2. Done. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here... solution manual

  4. Nice platform. But my account has been suspended for over two months now.please what do I do to get it reactivated?


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