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Online Prowler / Internet Scammer: ENARUNA FERGUSON AGANBI, A Rogue Ecobank Customer, Account No: 5503010618

ENARUNA FERGUSON AGANBI, A Rogue Ecobank Customer, Account No: 5503010618

Being smart with your finances also means being stealthy about who you transact with online. The internet or mobile or social networks can be faceless. While there are lots of very honourable and honest internet users, some fraudsters also thrive under the covert and relative facelessness of the internet to hone their dishonest schemes, even to a ridiculous degree. Some engage in direct manipulation of individuals (social engineering) to extort. Many of these fraudsters even craft out
legit looking banners and flyers to distribute on various social networks to unsuspecting users and lure them into their shady dealings to dupe.
My Payment Details

It will be very irresponsible of me if I do not report a case in order to prevent others from falling victim. A simple search lead me to a page on Nairaland [] where the same scammer has being perpetuating his acts. The rundown of everything I will pour out in this article.
I do buy cheaper data bundles from data re-sellers on expensive networks such as MTN before since I am a broke ass and a heavy internet user, but on recommendation from people. I've never met my usual merchant in person before, the confidence and trust is in place. The idea of trying this new guy out was plain straightforward and natural, I expected honesty from an average individual, especially ones doing business. Was I so naive? I didn't suspect any foul play until immediately after I made the payment.

Lessons To Be Learnt

  • Never trust any internet user you do not know through and through.
  • Make sure you have positive reviews on the person if the platform has a rating system.
  • Get proper introduction and recommendation from reliable sources, preferably your friends or relatives.

We Were Scammed by ENARUNA FERGUSON!

ENARUNA FERGUSON AGANBI is a rogue Ecobank customer who imposts around as an SME DATA Reseller, many other persons have recounted their ordeals with this serial fraudster as discussed on this thread []. I am one of his latest victim and I put this up so you won't fall victim as well.
These are the real details he operate with, pls whenever you are online tag his bank #Ecobank @GroupEcobank, and the following agencies #NPF @PoliceNG, #EFCC @officialEFCC, #ICPC @ICPC_PE, they all can help track him down. These kind of human beings should not have a place in any meaningful society. Your efforts will be much appreciated.

Bank Name:


Bank Details:

EcoBank Nigeria, 5503010618

Scam phone number:  

0706541681, 08141629384, 09066474484, 08131247313

Banner advertisement he uses:

  This was how it goes:

  • I saw his advert on Nairaland forum sometimes ago, being a banner image, I kept it for later reference. That reference matured today 24 November, 2016.
  • I called him around 9.00am in the morning and he didn't pick the call.
  • He called back exactly10:14am to see who it was. I asked about his banner ad and he assured he had all the plans available. To test the water I opt for the least price one thousand, five hundered naira (N1500.00) with the hope that if everything works fine I might come for the bigger offers in the future, that future will not come. I don't want you my reader to be part of his future, he might spend it in jail. 
  • What makes me and (I guess others) fall for his antics was the claim of "payment after delivery", that works the magic at first sight. 
  • I didn't bother for him to send anything before I transferred the N1500 using Quickteller payment system. 5 minutes after our call 10:23am he got the alert.
  • I called him for acknowledgement of the money, he was not even expecting such swiftness but I saw his message right after dropping the call, reads thus:
  • Number: Dataservice 
    Content: Dear customer, you have received 5028.0MB in your SME shared bundle balance. 
    Expires 24/DEC/2016. Your new balance is 5028.0MB. Activate to browse.  
    Time: 11/24/2016 10:22:20 AM 

  • I was like "Activate to browse?" How? At this instant I realized immediately what has just happened and I sent this text right away...
  • "Oga, I realized what just happened& I'm very sorry. Myt not be your fault.
    Just like U I am an hustler too, pls find a place in ur gracious heart to send N700 mtn airtime 2 ds line (It's still to buy real data).
    Pls try &understand that really was my last from my account.
    " And in truth it was.
  • I managed to place a call across to ask him about the activation part. He picked and this was our discussion when I didnt see any response: Discussion With A Scammer! 
  • He claimed he didn't get my SMS and still asked me to send another N500 card to him, an heartless criminal.
  • He refused to do anything about my plight till now, such an heartless cheat.
Dear reader, how do we handle this guy's case? 
A lot of aggrieved persons are willing to help on his hunt. 

Watch out for his antics in the meantime.

Pls, investigate wherever you are sending your money to, mobile/online transactions can be so volatile.
Be smart with your finances.


  1. I wish I saw this before my latest transaction with him. I decided to go for the #3,500 data plan and after I made the transfer I got nothing from him. I opted to pay before I got the data because it was urgent and I referred a friend to this scanner last week not knowing that the data was not sent.

  2. Sorry about that.
    The pig is still swindling unsuspecting persons.

  3. He's still on it.This is his new number:08141629384. I wonder why the police have not done anything about it despite being tagged numerously on reports.

  4. Na wa o. Thank u all for sharing this. I just saw his advert on Nairaland and His new no is 09066474484. I called him to purchase 10G and he just sent his name as Enaruna Ferguson and Account no(5503010618). Eko Bank. On a Second thought I just decided to google his name before I pay and I just saw this your post. Thank God I didn't fall victim to his devilish antics and thank you for exposing him. He will not survive 2017 except he repents. He is a wicked scammer!

    1. Thank God. This post was made to keep people from falling victim to him and his associates. And possibly fish him out...

  5. Even I just fell victim this afternoon 23rd of December, I've been duped before doing any research on him.

  6. Online Prowler / Internet Scammer: ENARUNA FERGUSON AGANBI, A Rogue Ecobank Customer, Account No: 5503010618

    Phone nos: 08141629384 09066474484 08131247313

  7. Pls something needspecial to be done about him, I Jst fell victim aswell of 4500.. he used this phone number 08141629384.. named daodu opeyemi with a gtb acct number


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