Thursday, September 29, 2016

eTranzact WebAccess

Category: Fintech

Isn't it sweet and commendable when you do not need to rack your brain to remember too many account details, passwords for different but related financial services?

The solution to that exactly is what eTranzact is bringing to your table with a single web interface to manage as many bank accounts as you have, packaged for you in the product named eTranzact WebAccess™.
eTranzact WebAccess™ gives members (eTranzact Cardholders) access to their bank accounts online-real time, making it easy to do banking when it's convenient. eTranzact WebAccess™ is accessible globally over a secure internet connection. Authenticated members can navigate the system, leveraging on a single web interface to manage multiple bank accounts.
With this facility members can aggregate all their accounts (from separate banks) unto one secure web interface which WebAccess offers. The new WebAccess offers improved security features; it can be customized to include plug-ins for the payment partner's operations.

eTranzact WebAccess™ also offer a most rewarding user experience making navigational easy and friendly for end users.

For more information contact Tranzact via:

Tel: +234-01-7101060
FAX: + 234-1-01-2701163


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