Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My First Earning in Affiliate Marketing Came with Zero Effort

My first earning in Affiliate Marketing came with zero effort, by merely doing my routine online activities. 

If I hear? ...you say?

I bet you wouldn't believe this to be that simple. Oh yeah, it was nothing but a knife cutting through butter, an effortless earning. You too can if you know the right way, more reason why I'm sharing this. Robbing yourself of sleep might not work at times. There are many ways to skin this particular cat but my first experience was out of oblivion, in fact, I had to retrace my steps to unravel how it came to be. 
It was that interesting.

We are going to do it this way, I will not give the names of the platforms involved until I have five (5) guesses from five different comment(er)s. Deal? Chop knuckles.

I registered on this particular platform (guess 1) to make use their service. Well, they have an affiliate program (one of the easiest to set up. You only have to copy your link) as well then I decided to join the bandwagon of affiliate brouhaha out of opportunism. Out of fashion, this particular affiliate program I do not consider effective at all so I only took it with a pint of salt. I sha copied my affiliate link, posted into exactly two of my online profiles: a forum and a social website (another guess?). 

I forgot about it totally but always on to my routine web surfing, y'know, comment on interesting topics; ignore most others; bash any basher; compliment the cute girls and the likes. I forgot I had a link I ought to be promoting, totally. I was just doing my thing like the cool dude wey I be

Then one day about two months later, something flipped across my eyes on the internet and I remembered I once registered for an affiliate account, then I started fumbling with the sign in. After a few combinations of my login details, I got in. Voila! N8,834 was in my account staring at me. I reasoned this isn't Xmas, I would have been thankful to Santa.

I started thinking in retrospect how it could have being. I became my own private investigator started checking through my profiles, there it was, I posted the affiliate link on a forum the very first day I registered and it had being doing the magic. 
What if I had known and put extra effort into the promotion from day one? Maybe I could have grown it 5-folds, who knows? Within a one year period I was able to grow it to make slightly above N30,000 (this is a simple affiliate program). How much more for bigger and better paying afflitae programs such as Konga, Jumia, Amazon etc.

  • Some require you to own a website and display their banner ads.
  • Some require you to just copy their links.
You can make money from affliate programs without much stress, just feel your vibe, get behind the gear and steer yourself on the classic cruise doing your normal things but making your affiliate links stand out with [simple but clear captions].

Disclaimer: Any information on this blog is not an expert advice!

...Will revel having you back. Hope this was informative.
We shall keep updating.


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