Monday, September 26, 2016

Mobile Money: Quickteller's Verve eCash

Category: Mobile Money
In this era of cashless money policies, all major players in the financial industries are dazzling Nigerians and Africans at large with numerous brilliant platforms for quick and easier financial transaction, devoid of raw cash. Security is getting a better definition. In this piece, Quickteller's Verve eCash is profiled.

Quickteller is a solution built with convenient access to an array of everyday services such as topping up your mobile phone, making payments, transferring money, buying movie & event tickets. The platform offers direct top up to credit your mobile phone, payments to billers such as DSTV,
NairaBet, GOtv, Startimes, NairaBet, PHCN and Swift to name a few as well as send money to accounts in all commercial banks in Nigeria.

-What is Verve eCash?

Verve eCash is a product of Interswitch Quickteller Nigeria. It is a virtual account which is a safe, cost-effective alternative to using a bank debit card for online transactions. Verve eCash has to be pre-funded and as a result only the amount in the account can be spent. The Verve eCash is issued in partnership with Ecobank and Ecobank Mobile Money, as well as with other Financial Institutions and Telcos. It is a virtual prepaid card that gives the user full control of their money and it is not tied to a bank account. Carrying out a transaction using Verve eCash requires only your phone number and PIN. Click here to know all about Verve ecash.

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-How do I get a Verve eCash?

Opening a Verve eCash is free of charge, Just click here to create one. Once your registration for Verve eCash is done and PIN selection has been performed, the eCash is ready for use i.e. you can now fund the account and proceed to perform transactions.

-How can i fund my eCash?

You can fund your Verve eCash at, Quickteller mobile applications, and ATM’s across Nigeria on the Interswitch network. Always provide your Phone Number when asked for your Verve eCash account number.

-What steps should I take if I forget the PIN for my eCash?

Send an email to or call 1-9065000 and request for a PIN reset


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