Friday, October 14, 2016

Affiliate Marketing: Leveraging on Nairaland, LIB and Others

Nairaland (NL) forum website and Linda Ikeji's Blog (LIB) are known to be the online traffic cabals in Africa. 

Seun Osewa is a magnanimous human being, I believe he's trying his best everyday to tame his tumultuous and rebellious online machine. Not his fault, how well can you, Yes You! out there manage a group of civilized human beings albeit packs of energetic e-warriors and unrestrained political fanatics? This man is trying his best. Leave ethnic chauvinism and political jingoism (the two sections filled
with flame wars on daily bases) out of NL you will see its total glory. Smaller websites, bloggers and advertisers can better attest to its traffic diversion in tributaries to them. Conversion rate? That I do can't tell but advertisers would do better.

Let's get down to the business of the day. Lacing your link with well-scripted and creative signature on NL is one sure way to get users to notice your affiliate link. It is a bait that attracts users who your link follow up to the appropriate page. NL's effectiveness in this sense depends on your level of activeness on the site. The more comment and post you make the more the trails you leave behind. You can get good traffic from NL, it is more of a breadcrumb.

  • The trick is, be your self, comment sensibly or rather make your signature or comments weird you'll still get noticed but being sensible gives better sense of conviction to your would-be followers. I call this 'follower' because they will trail your link to the merchant page/product that you are promoting.
  • There is a signature that accompanies all your comments and contributions on the site, character limit of the signature is short but powerful if you can communicate your message well.
  • Besides commenting, you can create your own original post. Chances of it reaching the most coveted front page is slim (unless you opted to sponsor it or your topic is about SNAKE!). You can still direct people to it through hyperlink in your comments.
  • Another bonus is, you can style the font to make it catchy, irritatingly big and colorful. But beware of NL's anti-spam bot, it is potent.
See the introduction to Affiliate Marketing

LIB is another good source "diversion". The same rule applies just like above NL above (but neither is LIB flexible for styling nor have signature). You need to keep up with every post to make impressive or catchy comments, I'll suggest not rogue comments like "~~Linda take note" or "~~Watch video of a teacher screwing student in the toilet" sort of things. You leverage on their traffic to your own advantage. Many other very good sources of traffic abound in Nigeria such as #hash-tagging on Twitter or Facebook pages. Other means could be the use of ad-click services, e-mail lists, sending links directly to friends etc.
You only have to go on the adventure, a treasure hunt to see what works for you. Spread your links across as many pages as possible for better reach and higher cumulative revenue.

All these things are not as easy as they seem anyway. Don't just think you can wake up one day and start making money from blogging or affiliate marketing, or the internet right away. Everything takes time, energy and lots of patience and effort. Living in areas where electricity is relatively worse will surely frustrate your life. As a starter or student you might not be able to afford solar power generator. Solution is, you will have to get this notorious and lousy alternative, mechanical electricity generator -pardon my grammar, lol. Don't forget about data -internet subscription, that stuff ain't cheap at all.


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