Sunday, October 16, 2016

PocketMoni: Funding Your Account

Funding your PocketMoni Account

We discussed about PocketMoni, a product of eTranzact, how to get yourself registered on the platform and as well get the app downloaded in this post. The aim of this post is to show the options available to you for funding in order to be able to use it for your payments and other transactions.

Below is a list and processes for transferring funds into your pocketMoni account for later use during

1. Debit Card (Online)

ATM/Debit Card on the Internet (Mastercard only)
  • Visit this link (MasterCard SecureCode and Bank Token may be required
  • Select the card type (“Mastercard”)
  • Enter your PocketMoni account (same as mobile number)
  • Select “PocketMoni” as the operator
  • Enter your PocketMoni PIN (using the PIN pad) and the amount
  • Click “Submit” 
Funds are available immediately!

2. Funds Transfer

Deposit the amount into eTranzact bank account below. Once payment is confirmed payment, your wallet will be loaded and you can access the money within 24 hours.
  • Account Name: eTranzact PM Funding
  • Account #: 0565107140 
  • Bank: FCMB (First City Monument Bank) 
  • Enter your PocketMoni mobile number as the description

3. Banks (Walk To Bank)

  • Walk into any bank branch of UBA, Zenith, Union,FCMB or Access
  • Request to make a transaction via the eTranzact platform.
  • Fill out a deposit slip.
    • Account Name: eTranzact PocketMoni.
    • Include Your mobile number and Name.
    • Amount of money to load.
  • Teller processes loading transaction and generates a deposit slip.
Funds are available immediately!

4. Agents (Walk to an agent)

  • Use this link to locate the [[PocketMoni Agent]] nearest to your location.

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