Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Groom And The Rotund Bull: Part 2

Graciously, the merchant agreed to sell. Tunde was very happy. Unfortunately, enough cash to get this special specie was beyond reach at that moment. He cannot accept to leave the vicinity without any of his selections, none would be left behind. Problem is not about the price but the cash.
The two drivers, Bayo, Uche and two other hands from the ranch have started packing and tying the ones already paid for into the lorry. The groom is down with the merchant brainstorming how best to get cash across, then something clicked.

He asked the man, “Aboki, you no dey carry phone?

The merchant answered “I get phone now”.

Bank nko?

I get First Bank account”.

Oh, very good, I go sama your phone with bank alert now now. Abi you know trust me to pay into your bank account directly.

The merchant is a smart one, he knows much about many cashless transactions and he answered
Customers dey pay me with their phone well well, e dey work like airtime transfer. If you get money on top, I go accept.

Tunde was amazed. He thought these guys knew nothing about technology. Unknown to him, there was one man named Ope, who has being educating all business owners around the vicinity about the magic of mobile banking and other fintech platforms. The guy called himself MobileBanking and FinTech Evangelist. He gave them his line for consultation whenever issues pertaining to their finances, easy loan lending, payment and other transactions arise. Not only that but also promised enlightened them that business transactions can be done even in places with no ATM, bank or internet services like his remote village. He assured them of the believe that businesses must always grow and run hitch-free, anywhere and anytime.

Within minutes, the final transaction was concluded and the entourage were on their way back. Settling back into his car, “One bull and the rest”, Tunde prided himself about the catch. His driver looked back at him from the driver's seat and commended "good business, oga" before starting the car and concluded “Madam will like that last one o, chai!” Tunde brimming with contentment patted the driver across the shoulder and replied “Thank you, Nafir.” The driver nodded.

It was worth it.

Tunde completed the transfer using eTranzact PocketMoni payment platform into the Merchant’s First Bank account. Both parties got the alert before parting ways. It really was a good business.


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