Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Interview: Part 1

Part 1 

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OMG! He shouted, jumping up from the sofa where he laid after leaving the bed. His very much treasured sofa positioned adjacent to the bed side. It has become an early morning ritual, laying on the sofa after each wake to surf the net for twilight news or check through his mail before any other thing. He was unusually lazy this Monday morning and woke up so late. Keeping late before bed really got to him this time, never going to sleep until well after 3am.

He rubbed the wearied eye and dashed straight to the bathroom -more of reflex than thoughtfulness- he would be thinking about the best course of action along the way.

That's him, Ope, the larger than-life easy going dude. He had been invited for an interview at his most coveted company via a mail since the previous Friday, much unlike him, he did not check him mail all through the weekend and it was almost late before realizing the enormity right now. Good Gracious Lord! 

Thankfully, he did the laundries on Saturday -washed, pressed and was a jack of it all through the weekend. Without wasting time, he picked up necessary documents and adorned himself in a corporate look and was moving swiftly through the main street within minutes. His apartment is some two blocks to the main road, an intersect from Agbowo-UI to the main Ojoo road. Boarding a cab from here takes him to the fastest loading motor park in Ibadan at Iwo road, "but how fast is the 'fastest' in this situation now?", he thought to himself. He must be in Lagos in the next three hours if he was to make it to the interview. All is not lost, Lagos is a 2 hours journey from Ibadan. on the other hand, considering the usual wait and delay at the park and the chronic traffic in Lagos, how would he reach that magnanimous office complex at Yaba in record time? Time is just 09:33am the interview had been scheduled for 01:00pm that Monday afternoon. He zeroed out joining the next flight from the Ibadan airport out of his options, if wishes were horses.

"Make I just try my luck", he said to himself. Handling the interview is not the problem but missing it, is.

One bigger problem there is, cash-in-hand Ibadan to Lagos bus fare he did not have. Joining the line at the ATM right now is a capital NO! The many ATMs around are notorious for unending queues, thanks to the Unibadan students who must withdraw a N1000 every two days. Trying to beg your way in with the pampered lots would be met with indignation.

You want to do sharp runs abi? 
We wey dey here come sell groundnut abi? He was playing the scene out in him mind.

"Abegi, I no want hear grammar", he gave up on the thought, "these small chicks no dey respect elders nowadays". He flagged down the first cab going his way. He actually has a plan but was it going to work?

It was going to be a war at the motor park this morning. To save more time, he decided to sell his idea  to the driver if it comes to the worst. Plan A is to secure a seat and go to the ATM closest to the park to withdraw provided the erratic driver won't dump his baggage for any available passenger, plan B is the biggest deal.

[ To be continued on part 2/3 ]...

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