Sunday, October 23, 2016

If You Are Really Scared About MMM

I promised Smart Finance Moves on this blog right? I have made myself an "experimental lab rat" in order to get give you a feedback on how it works and in this article are my findings.

If you are one of the chronic doubter of the platform just like myself before, this piece shows you what you can do to test the water, raise your confidence and make money from it safely
 within 3 weeks. Even though it is not as bad as people have being painting it in the news. Believe me, people are making more and more money from it daily, weekly and monthly. I made some last week and another one is on the way this very week.

This is my opinion of the scheme before now and it has not changed, the scheme might not be sustainable over time but they have being in existence since January 2016 in Nigeria. Life is all about risk, this case is a calculated risk which in my opinion will be worth it. Just don't get too greedy. Having said that, their mode of operation is "transparent" and "maybe" relatively safe (even more for the non-greedy), especially for people like us who are quite skeptical of it. 
If you are going to join make sure you use your spare money, really no one knows if the predicted crash is coming anytime soon or not, but the system is just fine at the moment. Helpers and the helped are not feeling any friction.

You can make N10,000 - 12,000 with your money spending just 2-3 days in the system not 30 days. My smart move can help minimize your risk the more.

My Experiment with MMM, I dropped money in on 22nd day when matched with other members (18,000NGN + 2,000NGN). I also requested for a 1,000NGN which was paid in within 24 hours.
  • NGN = Nigerian Naira.
  • If you register today and offered to "provide help" (PH) of Twenty thousand naira,(N20,000.00), minimum amount that triggers $20 bonus for new members. N5000 is the minimum but interest will be N1500 after 30 days.
  • Interest is 1% daily, not just 30% like that. So if you wish to withdraw your money after 20 days then you will have 20% (provided your account has been updated, usually by 12:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  • You do not put your money in for 30 days, No! 
  • Mind you, your account will be frozen (in red but will be increasing) until you PH.
  • You only put money in on the day you are matched with a member to PH to (i.e a member to send money to), assuming 25th day. This means for the 25 days your account would have yielded 25% interest even without having your money in yet. 
  • However, the day someone gets matched with you to PH to, you must deposit into the member's account within 48 hours otherwise your account gets cancelled (for life).
  • When the member you deposited into his/her account confirms it (usually same day) your own account becomes unfrozen (green, will still be increasing) and you can opt to withdraw the same day your deposit gets confirmed.
  • You can request for help immediately (if you don't trust the system yet) or wait for the account to reach full potential (30 days) or get updated by 12:00am the next Tuesday/Thursday and proceed to withdraw.
  • Within 48 hours your money is back with you together with the interest.
  • You are forced to withdraw all of your money in not more than 35 days of the whole process.
  • The whole saga means your actual money will not spend up to 1 week in the system or just 3 days or less if you wish so and wanted to be really Smart about it.

Let's Have Fun and Do Something Now

  • If you do not have an account with them already, REGISTER HERE, remember it doesn't cost you anything. 
  • You can call on me to help you set it up, for free.
  • This actually is for fun but you will see your account grow until you are required to PH (probably 2-3 weeks from now), by then you can decide to decline but your account will be deleted. If you want to try it, just have your money available.
  • If you decide to stay and PH, your account is unfrozen in few hours and you can demand your own PH immediately.
  • In less than 48 hours, another member will deposit the amount in your bank account directly.
After registration and successful login, click on "Provide Help" tab immediately and your account will start garnering interest.

From my experiment, experience and interrogation of other members, you are not requested to help until the third (3rd) week. By the 3rd week:
  • For New members: N20,000 would have gained $20 (~N6500 registration bonus) and yielded ~N4,000 of 1% interest daily = ~N30,000 combined, this is the total amount you can withdraw at this piont. 
  • At full potential (30 days): 
    • New members: you can withdraw N32,000 (N20,000 + $20 (bonus) + N6,000 (30% interest)). 
    • Old members: you can withdraw N26,000 (N20,000 + N6,000 (30% interest)).
The two green links = 30,710.25NGN on conversion, a total of what I can withdraw after 3 weeks (right now) and I "provided help" of 20,000NGN about two days ago. I could have requested for help immediately but I will see out the 30 days by Thursday this week.
Can you see that red ink under 28 256 Mavro NGN? That is another help (25,000NGN) I would be providing anytime soon. It is yielding interest already.

Busy, Want an Agent or Need Help?

If you need help during registration, call my attention in the comment section below, I will be glad to help. Also, if you are a busy person I can help you manage your account, just at a token. My line is +2347033620909.
  • Starting from registration, 
  • Monitoring of PH status, 
  • Alert you when you need to PH
  • Update you on current happenings eg when your account gets unfrozen;   
  • Then alert you when to withdraw.
  • All within the 30-35 days period.
I can be your trusted agent who checks and guide you on as well as fast track your online money making activities.


MMM is not my company and I cannot assay for them. 
Everything here is my experience and opinion, not a validation of whatever service the platform renders. Therefore, use MMM's platform is at your sole discretion, 
I indemnify myself of whatever activity you may engage yourself in on the platform.

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